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Safe Dating   Smart Dating is Safe Dating

Education is the best way to protect yourself.

99.9% of the people - are nice, sincere and genuine.

Whether you meet in a bar, club,at the beach, newspaper ad or online, there is always a possibility, that the person you are dealing with may not be who they pretend to be or may act in a way which is not acceptable.

Your safety is the upmost concern to us.

That is why we are presenting an extensive and comprehensive list of ideas, things to do, phone numbers, and help agencies to call in the rare event that any issue will ever arise.

We are listing more things than most dating services because we feel that education is the best way to protect yourself, whether you a woman or a man.

The actual changes of having a bad event is statically very, very slim.

Here is how to stay safe and please do not let this long list scare you off.

LatinEuro's Top 10 Tips on Safe Dating 


In 29 years in business we have had only one problem with spousal abuse that we are aware of. Not a bad record. What does that say? It say 99.9 % of the guys are sincere and just want to meet someone for a loving and caring relationship. Nonetheless, there is always the person who may not be in complete control of himself. Or a situation that creates a sense of disharmony. That is way we always want to stress that you safety and well being is most important. There are always more men and relationships out there. Never fell pressured that you have to stay in a relationship or be forces. in to one. You are an individual and your well being is most important. Here are some basic tips.

1. Start Slow
Watch out for someone who seems too good to be true. Begin by communicating solely via LatinEuro.com email, then look for odd behavior or inconsistencies. The person at the other end may not be who or what he or she says. Trust your instincts. If anything makes you uncomfortable, walk away for your own safety and protection.

2. Do not rush in to any relationship.
Get to know someone and let it develop. Trust your gut. If you feel uncomfortable with or afraid of a person. Move on. Remember, there are many men out there. Your well being and safety are most important.

3. Try to learn as much about the other person as you can. Ask questions about his history, intent and background. Use the Women's Center.

4. Exercise caution and common sense
Careful, thoughtful decisions generally yield better dating results. Guard against trusting the untrustworthy; suitors must earn your trust gradually, through consistently honorable, forthright behavior. Take all the time you need to test for a trustworthy person and pay careful attention along the way. If you suspect someone is lying, he or she probably is, so act accordingly. Be responsible about romance, and don't fall in love at the click of a mouse. Don't become prematurely intimate with someone, even if that intimacy only occurs online. If you mutually decide to cross the point of no return, be smart and protect yourself. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention provide some of the most current information available about sexually transmitted diseases and preserving your health.

5. Use Common sense. Think it thru and do not rush.
Remember if you want to get physically with someone. You must use protection. This is another way to prortect yourself. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention provide some of the most current information available about sexually transmitted diseases and preserving your health.

6. Do a little digging
Because privacy is of the highest importance at LatinEuro.com, we do not require our members to submit to background checks. We do, however, encourage members to do their own research on potential love matches. We recommend getting as much info as possible by asking questions, utilizing Internet search engines (try www.ask.com) and most importantly, using common sense. Nothing is 100% reliable, just remember to use your head as well as your heart. (By the way, if you want to look into background checks on your own, simply perform a search using your favorite Internet search engine - many companies supply them!)
Request a photo
A photo will give you a good idea of the person's appearance, which may prove helpful in achieving a gut feeling. In fact, it's best to view several images of someone in various settings: casual, formal, indoor and outdoors. If all you hear are excuses about why you can't see a photo, consider that he or she has something to hide.
Chat on the phone
A phone call can reveal much about a person's communication and social skills. Consider your security and do not reveal your personal phone number to a stranger. Try a cell phone number instead or use local telephone blocking techniques to prevent your phone number from appearing in Caller ID. Only furnish your phone number when you feel completely comfortable.

7. Meet when YOU are ready
The beauty of meeting and relating online is that you can collect information gradually, later choosing whether to pursue the relationship in the offline world. You never are obligated to meet anyone, regardless of your level on online intimacy. And even if you decide to arrange a meeting, you always have the right to change your mind. It's possible that your decision to keep the relationship anonymous is based on a hunch that you can't logically explain. Trust yourself. Go with your instincts.

8. Watch for red flags
Pay attention to displays of anger, intense frustration or attempts to pressure or control you. Acting in a passive-aggressive manner, making demeaning or disrespectful comments or any physically inappropriate behavior are all red flags. You should be concerned if your date exhibits any of the following behavior without providing an acceptable explanation:

* Provides inconsistent information about age, interests, appearance, marital status, profession, employment, etc.
* Refuses to speak to you on the phone after establishing ongoing, online intimacy.
* Fails to provide direct answers to direct questions.
* Appears significantly different in person from his or her online persona.
* Never introduces you to friends, professional associates or family members.

9. Meet in a safe place
When you choose to meet offline, always tell a friend where you are going and when you will return. Leave your date's name and telephone number with your friend. Never arrange for your date to pick you up at home. Provide your own transportation, meet in a public place at a time with many people around (a familiar restaurant or coffee shop is often a good choice), and when the date is over, leave on your own as well. Refrain from drinking excessively, as it could impair your ability to make good decisions. If at some point you and your date decide to move to another location, take your own car. When the timing is appropriate, thank your date for getting together and say goodbye.

10. Get yourself out of a jam
Never do anything you feel unsure about. If you are in any way afraid of your date, use your best judgment to diffuse the situation and get out of there. Excuse yourself long enough to call a friend for advice, ask someone else on the scene for help or slip out the back door and drive away. If you feel you are in danger, call the police; it's always better to be safe than sorry. Never worry or feel embarrassed about your behavior; your safety is much more important than one person's opinion of you. While liars, cheaters and imposters certainly ply their craft on the Web, you'll also find them in nightclubs and offline dating services, cocktail parties or even sitting across from you at your local cafe. Regardless of where you meet someone, dating is never a risk-free activity, but a little caution will reduce your risk in matters of the heart.